What is Five pawns?


Five Pawns is an e-juice company that offers hand-made quality e-liquids with a wide variety of flavors. The name Five Pawns was motivated by the shape of the pawn, which resembles the drip tip as well as the shape of e-liquid bottles. The fact that a pawn always moves forward, and in most cases, risked for the greater good, also contributed to the naming.

Although the company currently offers ten different flavors, it initially intended to start with five sophisticated flavors, just as there were traditionally only five flavors available to man: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami (savory). Each pawn (the initial five flavors), satisfied one of these flavors. The combination of these factors resulted in the name “Five Pawns”.

The e-juices by Five Pawns offered on eJuice Farm are hand-made and made in small batches to ensure quality is maintained. The e-juices also come in a variety of flavors. The flavors fall into two categories, the Five Signature Series, and the Five Mixology Edition.

The five signature series include:


Grandmaster: A complex and rich dessert flavor that starts off as with a smooth peanut butter flavor and finishes with a creamy banana and caramel exhale.
Gambit: Features an extraordinarily apple pie crust flavor with a creamy caramel exhale.
Queenside: Has a creamy vanilla and citrus blend flavor with a hint of spice.
Absolute Pin: Is a blend of Irish cream, caramel and cinnamon flavor featuring a spicy cinnamon exhale.
Bowden’s Mate: This is a flavorful blend of chocolate and mint with a smooth vanilla finish.

The five mixology edition consists of Castle Long, Lucena, Perpetual, Fifth Rank, and Sixty-Four. These are advanced mixtures of the components of the five original series. These flavors bring out the best of some the originals, giving the user a new and fun experience.

From an experienced user’s point of view, the best flavor among the list would be the Gambit. With one of the most complex flavors in the e-juice variety out there, the Gambit most definitely tops the list. It’s evident that once you go “Gambit”, there’s no turning back.