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Daz Male Figures & Genital Figures


Michael 4.0 (M4) with the separately purchased Morphs++ pack can also have his own Genital Figure. This figure is somewhat advanced over the older M3 Genital Figure, however, many of the limitations of scaling and sizing and bending still exist that plagued the original figure. Additionally, as the parts above the hip are segmented into 3 plus the glans segment, bending is difficult. And almost all renderings using the M4 Gens require some sort of postworking in the end.

M4 MAT Stigma

In the Poser Community, there is a stigma of making male genitalia textures & mats for them. Even the trend has continued by creating Merchant Resources for making full figure textures and not providing the matching genital texture map or mat pose files. The reason for this is unclear, but it is the trend.

Texture Solutions by Jepe

Solutions for this problem were elegantly worked out by Poser Texturist Jepe at MPE II:

  • RealGens for M4 Gens - An add-on product of multiple texture mats for the M4 gen figure.
  • RealGens for M3 Gens - An add-on product of multiple texture mats for the M3/D3/Satanica_Inc gen figures.
  • RealGens for Adzan HiroGens - An add-on product of multiple texture mats for the FREE Adzan HiroGens figures.
  • RealGens for Adzan ULFGens 2.0 - An add-on product of multiple texture mats for the FREE ULFGens 2.0 figure.
  • RealGens for Insomniaworks G44M - An add-on product of multiple texture mats & morphs for the Insomniaworks G44M figure.

Morph Solutions by Channing

Additionally Morphing for the M4 Gens was created as an expansion pack by Modeler Channing at MPE II:

  • Channing's M4Gens Exp 1 (UD2)
  • Channing's AzdanHiroGens Exp 1
  • Channing's ULFGens 2.0 Exp 1
  • Insomniaworks Morphs Expansion is by Jepe in the RealGens for Insomniaworks G44M package

Fantasy Textures by Henrika

And for those needing textures for creatures created on other site, missing Gen Mats & Textures, Texturist Henrika created these at MPE II:

  • M4 Fantasy Gens Volume 1
  • EI Fantasy M4 Gens Pack
  • SA Fantasy M4 Gens Pack
  • FemaSu Adzan HiroGens Bundle

M3 & D3

Michael 3.0 (M3) and David 3.0 (D3) both come with their own genital figure. The Michael 3.0 gens were the first. There were two Service Release updates to them, over time. The SR2 for the M3 Gens brought it up to the same level as the David 3.0 supplied gens which were an updated version of the older M3Gens. The D3 Gens had from the start extra channels in each portion of the gens to allow for storage of information about morphs, and values in addition to the standard channels for each moveable part. The gens figure provided inside the M3 installer is still the M3Gens without the SRx updates, so you must go to the Daz Support page to get the update for these if you decide to use the M3Gens.


Spanish modeler Satanica_Inc decided that the M3Gens had too many limitations to be able to look "real" enough for many artists who didn't want to present their males with a finger-sized appendage with only 3 bendable segments. Built upon the original M3Gens model, Satanica_Inc completely enhanced and expanded the model so that is would have many more bendable segments, tons of morphs, shapes, and styles as well as more flexibility in the lower areas as well.

The Satanica_Inc Gens, since based on the original M3Gens, has no extra channels, or community channels in which to store more information or extra information, so its a limitation that is still contained within the Gens, however, an advantage is that the textures provided with every M3 Texture, for the M3Gens figure would work on the Satanica_Inc figure as well.

Satanica_Inc also realised that many users wanted to use the Gens figure on other figures other than M3, or D3, so he made a myriad of fits to allow the Gens to be resized and positioned on various figures, both male, female and creature.

The Satanica_Inc RealM3Gens Combo pack is available at MPE II (18+ Registration Required).

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