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What's This Poser Wiki For?

This Wiki has been created by Poser Content providers for the main purpose of sharing knowledge about Poser and Daz Studio content. Sharing the knowledge about how to make and prepare Poser Content and package it for selling to the public.

It is also to help those interested in learning to make their own Poser Content for use with either Poser or Daz Studio to find out how to do it, and how to create high-quality products.

Until now, the process of making Poser Content has been rather mysterious and only bits and pieces were available all over the Internet. We'd like to centralize as much information as possible here at Poserpedia.

Information on Poserpedia can be offered by anyone who wishes to actively participate in its editing. We only ask that you create an account here, and use a valid and real email address to verify your existence in order to actively edit data and entries here. properly categorized, so it may be necessary to search for it. Wikis have a particular but simple syntax to produce these nicely formatted pages. If you do add content, please make sure you use the correct markup syntax and follow the Editing Guide.

We have taken the time to create some helpful templates for making your own Merchant Profiles and you can simply cut and paste the Merchant Template into a page with your own Merchant name listed here. We ask if you are known in the Poser community by a specific nickname that you make an entry for yourself, and you are more than welcome to list where you sell your products and list a link to your own personal home page. We ask in that you link to Poserpedia in return.

We hope that we can build a community here willing to share the information that has been kept so under-wraps for so long -- and all in one Wiki.

Get Some Help

Here is some of what we've found to be the most useful information right out front:

Poserpedia Getting Started

Poserpedia Templates

Poserpedia Fun Stuff

Great Merchant Pages

Online Shops for Poser Content

Online Shops for Adult Poser Content

Antonio's - Just My 2 Cents

Software for 3D Art & Rendering

Software for 3D Modeling for Poser

Poser Content & Artists

Daz Studio Related

MAC Related Tools & Plug-Ins

Additional 3D & Poserpedia Related

For a more complete listing of articles available in this Wiki, you can browse the categories.
If you have a question about a wiki article or process, please contact one of the active sysops.
If you would like to participate in our spread the word about Poserpedia - Share the Knowledge - then our banners can be found on About Poserpedia.

Poserpedia Needs Editors

We at Poserpedia would love to have some skilled Poser and Daz Studio users, product creators and experts assist in making sure that Poserpedia's information is correct, up-to-date and accurate. If you have a special knowledge area in a topic that befits Poserpedia, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a note via one of the active sysops and let us know a little about you, and we'll be happy to invite you on board to assist and contribute to the Poserpedia. Editors at this time are strictly volunteer as Poserpedia is a community driven site, and is a non-profit site.

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Poser is a trademark and product of Smith Micro Software Inc., formerly owned by e-Frontier, Inc.
Daz Studio is a trademark and product of Daz Productions Inc., also known as Daz3D.

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