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Poser Figures are special 3D human models optimized design for use with Poser. Poser figures themselves are not designed to work with Daz Studio, though Daz Studio is mostly compatible with the changing Poser file formats.

Poser figures are separate products which are designed and sold independently from Poser.



Poser is a software program which position (poses), shapes, and renders specially designed figures which are commonly known as Poser Figures, Poser Models, Poser Content, Digital Actors, or Digital Puppets.

Early versions of Poser were bundled with fully-clothed humanoid figures specifically designed for the then-current version of Poser. Next, add-on packages of human figures were sold by the manufacturer of Poser. Soon, third party companies began creating figures which work exclusively with Poser. As clothing became separate from the humanoid figure, collections of 3D garments were created for specific models which conform to the shape and pose of the Poser figure. "Poses" and "movements" also were packaged and sold by the software vendor and by third parties. Morphs (special modification for specific 3D humanoid figures) are also for sale.

Cottage industry

Because Poser figures are very inexpensive and useful for commercial illustrators, an entire cottage industry has developed to create and market Poser figures.

Individual artists create the Poser figures (as well as the clothing, poses, movements, and morphs.) But the sale of these figures has become large enough that distributors now do most of the marketing.

Figure families

Rather than individual figures, Poser figures are now available in families. Examples of families of models are:

  1. G2
    1. Category: Realistic Human
    2. Designer: eFrontier (2008: Smith Micro Software)
    3. Figures: Simon, Sydney, Miki, Kelvin, Jessi, Koji, James
  2. Millennium (humans)
    1. Category: Realistic Human
    2. Designer: DAZ Originals
    3. Figures: Victoria, Michael, Aiko, Hiro, Stephanie, David, Laura, Luke, Matt, Madison, Baby, the Freak
  3. Millennium (animals)
    1. Category: Realistic Animals
    2. Designer: DAZ Originals
    3. Figures: Horse, Foal, Cat, Dog, Puppy, Big Cats, Gorilla
  4. Aeon figures
    1. Category: Realistic Human
    2. Notes: Child and fantasy figures derived from Millenium figures (above)
    3. Designer: Dodger (Sean Cannon)
    4. Distributor: PoserPros Store (Closed March 15, 2008)
    5. Figures: Anna, Seth, Mickey, Ghul, Raphael, Mary, Robin
  5. Plushies, Koshini and friends
    1. Category: Cartoon Humanoid, Cartoon Animals
    2. Designer: Lady Littlefox
    3. Figures: Koshini, Ichiro, Krystal, Kiki, Kit, Rufus
    4. Tradename: Koshini and friends
    5. Distributor: RuntimeDNA[1]
  6. Wacky World
    1. Category: Cartoon Animals
    2. Designer: 3D Universe
    3. Figures: Sal A. Manda, The Heavies Rhino, 3D Universe Toon Baby, Toon Croc, Toon Squirrel, Toon Dragon, Toon Penguin, Eggbert the toon Duckling, Jacko Lantern
    4. Distributor: DAZ Store[2]
  7. Staci
  8. Gumdrops
  9. Project Human
    1. Category: Open Source Realistic Human
    2. Designer: Sixus1
    3. Figures: Project Human Male (PHM), Project Human Female (PHF), H.I.M., HER, Behemoth, Britta, Adam
    4. Distributor: Sixus1[3]
  10. The Girl
    1. Category: Cartoon humanoid
    2. Designer: Kim Goossens
    3. Distributor: DAZ 3D
  11. Apollo Maximus
    1. Category: Realistic Human
    2. Designer: Anton Kisiel
    3. Distributor: Anton Kisiel Designs[4]
  12. Elle, Esmeralda, Unity, NeftOoN Gal, NeftOoN Pal
    1. Category: Realistic human, Cartoon Humanoid
    2. Designer: Mychelle-Anne Daigle (Neftis)[5]
    3. Distributor: Polymage[6]
  13. Toon Santa, Mrs Toon Santa, Taika the Elf Girl
    1. Category: Cartoon Humanoid
    2. Designer: Various
    3. Distributor: Meshbox Design[7]
  14. Rikishi
    1. Category: Realistic Human
    2. Designer: Odegami
    3. Distributor: Odegami[8]

Current List of Free Figures for Poser

List provided thanks to Daz3D User "Kerya".


DADchamp - David D'Champ (Author: How'd You Do That? - Poser Character Creation for Beginners Feb 2008)

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